Workshops available in the prophetic, healing, leadership and Ministering in the glory.

Host one in your city or attend one in your area!

All our workshops can be modified to suit your objectives, needs, time-frame and environment. Each topic is set up in such a way that one can choose a la carte if need be. They are also adaptable for any age group or gender - i.e., adults, youth and children.

Workshops Overview

Sessions promise to be insightful, full of activation and fun-fully interesting! Most of our workshops come with printed material or manuals written by Heather. The written material is set up in such a way that it guides the participants into a place where they take personal ownership of what is being learned.
Oh yes - to own knowledge is to execute what has been learned!

Just keep reading to hear what Heather has to offer and how others respond to her workshops! They are effective! Workshops Written by Heather:

  • Prophetic Workshop (manual available)
  • Power Evangelism (manual available)
  • Passion for Jesus - (manual included)
  • Heavenly Realms of Glory (manual available)
  • Running the Race - "How to grow in your spiritual gifts" - (questionnaire included)
  • Healing the Sick Like Jesus - "I only do what I see my Father doing" (printout included)
  • Divine Character of Jesus - (questionnaire included)
  • How to Hear God's Voice - (manual or printout included)
  • Elements for a Successful Volunteer Organization (questionnaire included)
  • Honour and Respect - Unity Among the Brethren (questionnaire included)
  • Igniting His Spirit Within You -- The GO of the Gospel (manual available)